Elsa bit her lip gently while the area where his hand patted her thigh. Her blue eyes locked on her lovers glances and the Queen struck a pose. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, her red lips puckered in an attempt to seem fashionable.

Then she puffed out her stomach trying to seem larger and intimidating, but became insecure about her abdomen. Elsa giggled a little, standing from the bed his work pants leg dragging along the floor.

Quietly she scurried behind her tall handsome lover and wrapped thin arms around his now clothed waist. Tempted to remove the cloth she settled for resting her hands up onto his broad chest so she would not give into her desire.

With peck like kisses she covered his freckled neck with love bites and nibbled on his ear. His brilliant red hair tickling her forehead. 

A shiver ran up his spine as her hands fell on his chest. It would be his luck that the moment he finally let her out of his sight she would have him back in his grasp. His shoulders loosened as he felt her lips pressing and teeth gently dragging against his neck; his hands had come to a halt and just rest inside the drawer. 

"My dear- if we are ever going to start the day- you are going to have to stop that." 

He didn’t want her to- in fact he wanted to turn around and pepper her with his own kisses but the day light was getting stronger and he was already late for his work. 

"I love you dear-" He place his hand over hers and kissed her forehead as she dipped to nip his neck again. But he couldn’t contain hims self and quickly twisted around bringing an oversized shirt over her head. "and I think you look wonderful in my clothes."